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  1. I am trying to determine two things: First, is a 457(b) a pension plan in that it is a venue through which employees defer comepnsation to use post employment? In other words, can it be considered a pension plan in the most ###### sense of the phrase? Second, the bwise FAQ on 457(b)s states, "Private plans — Non-governmental tax-exempt entity plans. ERISA generally requires that a private retirement plan providing benefits to employees be funded by a trust or annuity contract. The rules, however, require that private 457(b) plans be unfunded in order to obtain tax benefits. Therefore, a plan will violate ERISA unless an exception applies. If a tax-exempt employer limits participation to a select group of management or highly compensated employees (or "top hat" group) then it is exempt from most ERISA requirements." From what ERISA requirements are private - tax-exempt 457(b) plans NOT exempt? test
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