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  1. Dogmom


    Vince, That what I was thinking also and why I posted here. Yes, it is the entire amount. I have a call into my lawyer but the waiting is really bothering me. Thanks for the reply
  2. Dogmom


    My husband works full time as a Police Officer. Yes, he was told he could get the money out. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Dogmom


    Hello, I have a question if anyone can help me. My husband has filed for a divorce and in the papers I was given he is offering me his 457. The account is (as of 2-1-08) worth a little over 29,000.00. My husband told me I would only get about 7500.00 due to the 'hit' he will have to take for taking the money out. Does that sound correct? It seems a little much for a penalty to me. Thanks in advance!
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