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  1. Great! Thanks a lot. This confirms what I have found from other sources, mostly in the forms of investment companies' brochures.
  2. cxc

    Roth 457(b)

    Not sure the real isseu is, but " in most cases it is a way to lower taxable income " can mean now ( with non-Roth plan) or lalter ( with Roth plan ), so I guess the question is just like that of IRA vs Roth IRA and individual has to take a look at his/her situation to decide. Am I sonfusing myslef here?
  3. cxc

    Roth 457(b)

    Does anyone know if the bill contains coversion clause, ie, coverting existing 457(b) into Roth 457(b), like it was for IRA-Roth IRA conversion when it was first introduced?
  4. I am contributing to BOTH a government 457(b) plan and a private company 401(k) plan. I have two questions that would like someone to clariify: (1) What is my TOTAL COMBINED limit? $15,500, or $31,000? (2) If the answer to question (1) is $31,000, does the 50+ catch-up amount of $5000 apply to each plan, thus making the total catch-up to be $10,000? If possible, would someone answer the questions with approprite IRS document links referenced? TIA
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