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  1. Hello, On my recent search of the internet I came across this very informative site. Hope you all can help. Here's my situation. Opened a 403(b) 3/18/05. Moved to a new school district as of 1/28/08 that does not provide payroll deduction to AXA Equitable (my plan admin). Have not made a contribution since 1/30/08. Current bal. $6721.67...of that my contribution is $6571.66 some of which I rolled over from an H&R Block IRA. Contributed $200.00 a month Sept-June. VERY sure I will NOT teach again after this school year 6/08. $30.00 a year in fees and expenses. Allocations are as follows: 25% in Guaranteed 40% EQ/Equity 500 index 20% Black Rock Int'l Val 15% Small Company Index Contacted AXA was told I'd be fined $363.57 b/c of early withdrawal even if I rolled over to IRA. Will need to fill out forms to have it ALL transferred into Guaranteed Interest Account currently 2/1-2/29 @ 4.00% minimum guaranteed 2.00%. Question: Should I (1) Leave it the way it is w/current allocations. (2) Transfer to Guaranteed Interest (3) Transfer to AXA IRA (4) withdraw it all and go somewhere else ...but where? Open to all and ANY suggestions Thanks
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