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  1. First off, thanks for the good advice from my first post a while back. I approached my employer (hospital) and asked them if they would consider adding one of these vendors: Vanguard, T.Rowe Price or Fidelity. Their response was "no" because they are currently widdling down their vendors to just one choice (however, I don't see how "one" can be a choice) but anyway, all they are offering at the moment, until they pick the final one, is AIG Valic, D.A.Davidson, Edward Jones or Investment Centers of America. These all seem to have fees and commissions attached to them and I'm just wondering if getting into my companies 403 is worth it just to get the "free" match contribution. It is a 3% match plus a few extra per number of years worked so I would get a total of 4.6% match to start. Not sure how to figure out the math to see if it is worth it or just do something else with my money. I already max out my Roth IRA with Vanguard and the only other thing I have is a stupid money market account that now only has 2.2% interest. I know you guys gave me lots of reading to do and maybe the answers will come from some of these readings, but for now, does anybody have some words of wisdom to help me quit thinking so hard. Kaye
  2. I'm a late starter and very insecure with the investment world, but like Niki, I'm just doing it. So I recently opened a Roth IRA with Vanguard Target 2025 Fund and maxed out my 2007 contribution with plans to max out each year till I retire in 15yrs. Now I am getting ready to start my 403(b) with my employer but am uncertain how to start or the wisest way to invest. They gave me a list of brokers/financial persons to contact to get it started but would like an outside opinion so I don't feel like these contacts are just representing their needs. Not sure if I should go with investing in mutual funds or do a fixed annuity or a variable annuity(which I understand little about). And there are the load and no-load decisions and different Classes A,B & C and it's just alot for someone like me to comprehend. Wish I could just give someone the money and say "here, do someting with it" but it's hard to bite the bullet and pay the extra fees. What do most people do when they get into a 403? Thanks ahead for sharing your thoughts on this. I admire people with financial saavy. It's a gift I never quite grasped.
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