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  1. CalSTRS and Vanguard are still on the list of vendors I think (see403bcompare.com). Perhaps its just certain funds within those vendors that don't work going forward.
  2. Yes, California. I think the list of vendors came from our TPA - the TDS Group but it seems like the vendor list is pretty much all the vendors from the 403(b)compare website. I look at a few other California school districts vendor list (you can see them on the 403(b)compare website) and many districts have much smaller lists than mine.
  3. Our district is about to adopt its new 403(b) plan and the list of investment providers has over 80 providers. Given that the new regs seem to in general require more fiduciary oversight, wouldn't having so many providers not be a good thing?
  4. Our school district is removing AIM, Calvert, Janus, Lincoln Benefit and Pioneer from our 403(b) investment provider list because they are not going to meet the information sharing requirements. The District says that if we are currently using these providers we can continue to contribute but we will not be able to change our contribution amount or suspend contributions at a later date. This raises two questions. First, why would the district even still allow us to contribute. Won't they have compliance issues under the new regs? Second, it doesn't make sense that we couldn't stop our contributions in the furture?
  5. I know that this is a 403(b) site but I am hoping some of your readers might have come across this issue. My main job has a 403(b) plan but I also do some work some work for a city where I am required to be enrolled in their PARS plan (Public Agency Retirement Services). I just found out that this plan is a 401(a) plan - not (k) but (a). My question is whether the contributions to a 401(a) have to be somehow coordinated with the contributions to my 403(b) plan to make sure that I don't exceed maximum contribution levels. I know that this isn't an issue with 457 plans but I can't find any info about 401(a) plans. Does any one else have one of these. Anything else I should watch out for? Thank you.
  6. After a couple decades in the private sector (where I paid social security) I started work at a public agency where the agency pays 15% into a retirement plan (TIAA-CREF) and I pay into a 403(b). I no longer pay social security. I have been told that even though I paid tons into social security for many many years that my future s.s. benefits when I retire will actually be reduced. This is worrisome. Where can I go to get some better information on this?
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