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  1. Again, thanks for the intelligent information provided on Pension2. I have decided to stop contributing to my 403B through Nationwide and join Pension2. My question is this: I have built up a sizable amount in this account in the Vanguard Wellington Fund, which is performing nicely. Any thoughts on leaving it where it is, or should I roll it into Pension2. My plan allows me to do that. I am unclear as to whether the high Nationwide fees will apply if the fund is just sitting there and growing on it's own. I like the Wellington Fund, but I have no problem leaving it if the fees are going to continue to accrue. Do vendors earn fees if the money is just sitting there? Thanks in advance for your insight.
  2. Thanks, again, guys. I have printed out Merriman's information and all of the Pension2 offerings for consideration. I plan to read them on my spring break trip to the beautiful beaches of SC. It's my dad's 80th birthday, and I am blessed that his conservatism, ability to save, and attention to finanacial detail has provided a wonderful life in retirement for my mother and him. May we all be all be so blessed!
  3. First, thanks to Steve and Whyme for helping me figure out that Pension2 is a better deal for me than Nationwide. (I was somewhat forced into them when we were no longer able to invest directly with Vanguard.) Now, I'd like some input on how to choose my funds in Pension2. I am 57 with 13 years in STRS. I plan to work in education for another 8 years. I have a moderate tolerance for risk. I am single. I need to make this money work for me, but I also cannot afford to lose it. I know a little about investing, but you guys are the geeks! I guess the question is: What would YOU do? Thanks in advance. Kathy Here's the link to the Pension2 offerings: http://enroll.tiaa-cref.org/Resources/PPC/PDF/PPC_0284503123_5760.pdf
  4. Thanks so much everybody! I got the answer I needed.
  5. After reading the Forum and all the raves for Pension2 through CALSTRS, I am thinking of switching my 403B from Nationwide Insurance to Pension2 for the sole reason of reducing fees. I am currently paying a little over 1% (to the best of my ability to figure it) on my monthly contributions to Vanguard's Wellington Fund (balanced fund) which is administrated through the San Diego County Office of Education as it's provider with Nationwide as the conduit. (We can no longer buy direct from Vanguard.) I have been very happy with the fund, which is yielding around 12% annually. I found the Pension2 offerings, and they list the fees. My question is this: If I "build" a portfolio, or choose one of the retirement easy choice options, how do I figure the fees? If the fee on one fund is, say, .40% and the fee on another fund is .39% and I put both funds into my portfolio, am I essentially paying .79 in fees? This may be a dumb question to most of you, and I apologize. I'm pretty good at knowing what funds/mixes I want, but not sure how to figure out if I'll actually do better fee-wise with Pension2. Can somebody explain this to me? I'm looking at either a balanced fund or the easy choice portfolio for retirement in 2020.
  6. Thanks for this forum! I have been happily investing with Vanguard all of these years, and now in San Diego County that is no longer a choice. We have been given a pitiful list of approved vendors, which sadly do not include Vanguard, Fidelity, or any other low-cost companies, and are mostly insurance companies. Of course the Preferred Provider is Nationwide Insurance, which I guess is the conduit for the FBC. CalSTRS remains on the approved list, however, and I've been reading some good things about them in the Forum. FYI, I am 55 and will not retire for 8-10 years. Vanguard says I can roll my 403b into a Traditional IRA. Then I can contribute $6000 a year to it. I could also select Vanguard's balanced Wellington Fund, through the FBC, but the fees are double what I'm paying Vanguard now for my direct 403b. My current (and discontinuing) 403b with Vanguard is the Target Retirement 2015 fund. Or I could start a new 403b through CalSTRS, and would appreciate some suggestions there. Unfortunately, I DO need the tax deferred benefit of the 403b, since my child is grown and I have no other deductions. I must say that I am disgusted with the lack of choices and lack of communication on this matter. This reminds me of the old Valic days.... All suggestions are welcome.
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