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  1. Thanks for the information everybody. I live in Michigan. I have terrible information from these companies. I know what the percentages are for each of the indivudal mutal funds, but I don't know all of the other hidden costs & I know these sales people will also get some sort of commission (right?) which I think I have been avoiding by doing Janus on my own. Yes, I do have to move my money out of Janus because I do not meet their criteria for keeping it there.
  2. I was told they have an option that does not have front loaded fees.
  3. I have been maxing out my 403b at Janus (doing this myself & bypassing the middleman.) However, Janus is no longer offering 403b accounts so not only do I need a new provider I also have to move my money (what is left of it!) My district only has 5 vendors. I have narrowed it down to AIG Valic or Waddell & Reed. AIG is overing 4% on new money 2% on new contributions for 2009. However, it looks to me like they only over a Variable Annunity and I want to stay away from that and just have the 403b. It is really hard to figure out what the fees of these various companies accutally are. Any thoughts of advie. Thanks.
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