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  1. Just to be a little churlish here, considering the expenses of this plan, it seems like ING built this specifically for ING. I'm very surprised that a sharp group like the CSU folks would end up with such a program. M&E charges? You must be kidding me. Compare this with the CalSTRS plan, which has total fees of .40 or less in Vanguard institutional funds. I never said it was a good 403b option, just that i knew the fee structure... Unfortunately Vanguard isn't an option anymore, but there's still Fidelity.
  2. Was wondering if the 15 years of service with the same employer is cumulative or consecutive yrs of service?
  3. John: As for the ING fees; I happen to know that the M&E is 40 bpts and the average fund expense is 80 bpts. ING built this 403b product specifically for the CSU's. It is meant to be a low cost (no load in or out) Group Annuity with loan and death benefit features as well as a limited 22 investment options. Hope this helps....
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