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  1. In our school district 403b here in New Jersey, we only have several different Insurance company choices (e.g. AIG, Valic...) I have tried to get them to approve Vanguard, and here is the scenario so far. The business administrator does not respond to my emails or phone calls about this. I saw him walking around my buislding during an in-service in November, and he told me I need to present him with 20 employees who willd efinitely sign up before they can get them in. I did not feel comfortable trying to get others to sign up for anything, so i got our union president to find out where does it say we need this "20 persons to sign up"; otherwise let's get Vanguard approved. She had the same problem having this guy respond...now he says that the reason they can't get Vnaguard in is because they are not listed as "approved" by NJEA. Does this make sense to anyone? I feel like this business administrator is somehow protecting the salespeople for these other companies. Our local union presidnet is now pursuing this with NJEA. ANy thoughts at all? I am very frustrated...ready to go to the next board meeting and explode at this guy.
  2. Hi! At my high school, the choices for the 403b seem to be Valic, AXA-Equitable and prudential. I inquired about including Vanguard, and the business administrator told me I would need signatures of 20 teachers who guarantee that they would sign up with Vanguard. I doubt I could get teachers to guarantee this. Does this sound right? Where would such a policy be written? I was thinking of having the union follow up. What is a normal requirement for a K-12 district add Vanguard? Thanks!! Ira
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