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    Please Help

    Thank you for the kind words. No he did not BUY a home as that would be crazy like quitting his job. HA - anyway...it doesnt seem like it was fair for a city employee of many years to be given so few options to get his money...basically die, have his wife die, or quit his job. Im looking for answers here. Like something to bring to the HR guy to say "Hey...this is an option he was not given when you suggested he quit his job." (Of course I wont be talking to Mr. HR..he can handle his own affairs if he had some sort of direction!) Where else can I look that will give me the breakdown of this type of plan? Thanks again. A
  2. Angie_m

    Please Help

    A very good friend of mine needed a large sum of money due to a divorce. He left her everything so was not able to liquidate "his" assets. He needed the money to provide a new home for his two sons. He explained this to the director of human resources who explained he would have to resign (wink) to obtain the distribution. He was told in a roundabout way that he would be able to get his job back which he's had for many years. Its a City job. Weeks after the distribution he's still unemployed. I feel he was not given all his options during the two weeks of discussions and he was basically conned into losing his position. What are his rights? What exactly were his other options to begin with? Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
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