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  1. How does a 457 differ from a rabbi trust? thank you
  2. jjtl

    Terminated 401

    Once you have submitted a 5310 termeination letter to IRS, what is the time period to open a 403(b) and roll the assets from the 401(k)to the new 403(b)?
  3. I am working with a client who is a non-profit company that currently has a 401(k). They are looking to terminate the 401(k) and establish a 403(b). Could anyone shed some light on the steps that need to be taken in order for this to be done correctly. What type of testing requirements does the ERISA 403(b) have if the company plans to make a 3% profit sharing contribution on a discretionary basis. They are very unhappy with the current testing requirements of the 401(k). Would it be better to set up a 401(a) to handle the profit sharing end, and set up a non-ERISA 403(b) to accommadate the salary deferrals from the employees. Thank you
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