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  1. go_cp

    457(b) And Ira

    Thanks. Sorry. In my earlier post, I meant to say "TaxCut does not let me deduct the IRA while TaxACT does". If box 13 is not checked then you are not a participant in a retirement plan. See 1040 instructions P 30. You used Tax Act twice? Dont use the program than prohibits you from taking the IRA deduction. The problem with using canned programs is that they are only as gopd as the people who write the progarms. You still need to read the instructions to the 1040 and other forms that you file to conform that youy ae taxing the correct deductions.
  2. go_cp

    457(b) And Ira

    Last year I started to work for a county government and have contributed to their 457(b) plan. I received my W2 and did not see box 13 "Retirement Plan" checked. With contribution only to 457(b) plan, am I elgible for deductible traditional IRA (of course my age and total income does not stop me from deducting) ? I tried TaxCut and TaxAct. Taxact does not let me deduct the IRA while TaxACT does. Hence the confusion.
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