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  1. Gesh

    Newbie Questions

    Yes indeed. Large county starting with F, in northern part of southern state starting with a V. Thanks for the tip. We'll look into the 457b plan from Great Western and put off the lady (whom I haven't met in person) from ING. I may email her and ask abotu the 403b bidding in the county. I'l let you know what she says.
  2. Gesh

    Newbie Questions

    Thanks Dan. It looks like the 457b plan provider is Great Western. There are a few options for the 403b - ING (whom I contacted, really at random), Financial Directors, LLC, Horace Mann, AIG, Lincoln Financial Group, and Metlife. I certainly agree that the TSP is very inexpensive and well-run. Too bad I wasn't smarter with my own account (meaning, more consservative).
  3. Hello. Just found this site and would love some help on basics. Although I have maxed my contributions to my federal TSP, I want to get my wife started on a plan and we can use some more tax deferrals. She works for a public school that offers 403b plans and 457b plans. We have been in email contact (that I started) with a polite but aggressive financial planner who works for ING, one of the county's 403b providers. She sent a folio with lots of investment options but fees are confusing. I will ask of course before we enroll, likely next week, but my basic questions are: Which is less expensive for us, a 403b or a 457b? Is ING considered a solid 403b provider? If we opt for some type of fixed investment plan at least until the market seems smoother (the ING rep says they have a guaranteed 4% return on a plan), will fees eat up a sizable portion. Your help is very much appreciated.
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