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  1. yes that is what i meant: I want o be ABLE to buy shares and hold less than 30 days. Something I rarely do, but some times i have reason to do it and I am generating LT returns of about 9-10% so it seems to work ok... just asking if any mutual fund family allows me to do that. How can i set up my 403b so I can buy ETF's?
  2. Looking for a fund family with very relaxed or nonexistant frequent trading policy? Is there such a thing?
  3. We received responses to RFP from Lincoln, MassMutual and OneAmerica. Fees are very close on all three. One plan offers local agent others fly in. What other criteria might distinguish these three companies?
  4. 200 plus employees, about 8 million in current 40b assets. Where do i start? Any templates out there? TIA
  5. This is really helpful Moneywise! What does it mean to be frozen? Seems to me we need to look at the new fees the TPA will be charging...it is Slavic. Folks around here know them?
  6. Current vendors: Fidelity and Lincoln. About 15 million
  7. I am the administrator of a NGO. We have a 403b plan in place. We have reasons to consider moving to a 401k (TPA costs will be covered by our outsourced HR company). What should be our key considerations here? To complicate matters we have an individual contract plan, and one of the 2 options is an annuity with pretty hefty surrender fees. Could an employer allow employees the option of staying in thier current contract while no longer contribuiting to that contract? How much shouldI worry about third party risks with a TPA and A Fiduciary agent (the HR company?) THANKS
  8. if an employee refuses to set up an account but also refuses to waive rights to an account, what are the IRS rules on this?
  9. DO we know what is required by the "monitoring" aspect? Seems to me that will require a few court challenges...though I suspect you would prefer not to be the plaintiff...
  10. I am the plan administrator for a small 403b. We have 2 vendors. we have the 408 data in hand. the formats are very different from each vendor. How to put it into a document the DOL will agree satisfactory? What else needs to go into it? What should a TPA charge to develop this document for us: the vendors wouldnt THANKS!
  11. I am the ED of a non-profit health care org. We have had a 403 b for over 20 years. I think our plan document meets current regs but I am feeling overwhelmed by all the changes of the past few years, and the incredible burden of audits and reporting. I would like to bring our program up to snuff and am not sure how to begin. I suspect we will need help writing an RFI/RFP. How can i find a TPA to write such a thing in my area who ha a good reputation? In hawaii. honolulu. Thanks
  12. yes employee i can get plan document my understanding is these are called 'legacy accounts"?
  13. An employer changed their 403b investment choices from one company to another in 2005. (say from Fidelity to Janus). Employees were not advised that they needed to roll over their 403b plans to the new carriers, but instead maintained their account with the old company while beginning a new account with the new carrier. What should the employer and employees do in this case? Is this a plan to plan transfer or a contract exchange ?
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