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  1. So, I worked for a hospital that is closing down partially because of hurricane IKE and partially because of endownment fund losses (stock market losses of 2 or 3 billion). My question is, what is my best option for my 403b? My financial situation is not good at all right now, I have pretty much been having to live paycheck to paycheck. With the job loss (ends March31st) I am going to be strapped... I have only been putting money into this fund for a few years, so it's got a few thousand in it. At this point, what is my best option to keep as much of the money as possible? Pull it out and close, leave it in and roll it over or what? I'm just wondering how low the market might go.....I'm pretty much a newb so, please be detailed. I don't want to get messed over here... THANKS! PS. it's with AIG/Valic...
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