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  1. I am a utilities employee on a state retirement plan. I have already retired under the Florida DROP program and continue to work while retirement is placed in a tax deferred interest bearing account monthly. My 457(b) money is mostly in straight interest paying account with Hartford, through my employer. Can I roll it to my credit union in certificates of deposit as a traditional IRA. I already have an IRA in Vanguard that has been dropping like a rock and do not want to add any there and cannot remove it due to the losses on paper. Can I have a traditional IRA in two different locations? I'm interested in protecting my 457(b), not in making a lot of money. I was fortunate enough to remove all of my money in the 457(b) from the stock market while it was still close to its peak, but now the insurance companies are in trouble also and FDIC is not looking good. Luckily credit unions are handled differently. Thanks for any info.
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