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  1. I am a 5th year teacher and plan on begining to contribute my maximum to either a 457 or 403(b) plan starting this year. My District uses the OCTFCU as it's administrator. When I went there I was given a list of all of my choices for providers and was unhappy to see no companies like vangaurd etc... I asked if I could go directly to Vangaurd and set up a 457 or 403(b) with them. I was told that I could only go through the credit union. Is there any way to set up my 403(b) or 457 directly with Vangaurd and my district and still have all the benefits of pre tax withdrawl? Also, if I do go with the OCTFCU, does anyone have any recommendations as to the safest, least costly, and easiest fund to go into with the intention of transfering it out anually to a Vangaurd or like account? My district is Anaheim Union High Thank you for your responses.
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