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  1. Thank you for the reply...that's what makes SENSE to me and would seem to meet the intent. I'd think there would be a way to do that. Turbo-tax doesn't seem to offer a way, tho, and everything I read leads me to believe that I cannot. If it's true I do think that, at least, it's a good one for the FAQ's at 403(b).
  2. I'm over 50 & retired from teaching several years ago. I worked in 2007 for a university less than 20 hours per week (49%). I contributed the maximum I could to a 403(b) -- $20,000 in 2007. One paycheck was received in 2008 due to payroll timing. Social Security & Medicare were paid & the remaining $918 went directly into the 403(b). The "retirement plan" box 13 is checked on my W-2. If the box was not checked I'd be eligible to contribute $6000 to a traditional IRA. Because it is not checked, I cannot do so. I had assumed there'd be a way to contribute $6000 minus the $918....but I don't see how? Is this true? Did I blow it (to the tune of loosing the ability to deduct $5012) from my income taxes by not stopping the 403(b) deferrals before that final check? If not HELP? What do I do.... If i BLEW it..... then that info would be good to ad to FAQ's for others in similar situations... Second question: What about a SEP? I did a small amount of consulting work in 2008. Any thoughts there? --Sharon
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