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  1. My son is about ready to have his braces removed. His dental problems are very severe. He was born with congenitally missing teeth. This mean that he got his baby teeth, but he did not get alll of his permanent teeth. A normal ###### has 32 teeth. My son has 24 teeth in his mouth and three of those teeth are baby teeth, so he is missing over a third of the teeth that a normal person would have. Two of the baby teeth are his front bottom two teeth. Because he is missing so many teeth he will have to have extensive dental work after his braces are removed. That would include getting several veneers and his teeth are also quite small and bridges. The estimate the dentist gave us for all this additional dental work is about 5,000.00 after insurance without the bridge he will need. I am a single parent and my ex-husband can't help pay for this expense. I am already paying off several loans and I can't afford to get another loan. I just don't have the money for this additional expense. This dental work is not considered to be cosmetic. He needs to have this done so he can eat and chew properly. Would this qualify for an unforseeable emergency?
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