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  1. “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” Warren Buffett. I'm going to buy, buy, buy.
  2. Agreed with the Target Retirement fund
  3. 85/15 split. Down 8.5%
  4. DK

    Potential crash?

    I used to be 100% stock for years until a year or two ago when I switched over to 90/10. I moved over to 85/15 since the bull market was going on for too long and I just felt cautious. I just wanted to be prepared in case what's happening now happens. Plus, I'm getting older and a year closer to retirement. 😉
  5. DK

    Potential crash?

    I'm just glad I changed my asset allocation at the beginning of this year to 85/15 equity/bond. If the market goes down more next week, I'm moving half of my bonds over to equities. If it continues going down, I'll move the other half of my bonds to equities. I'm in the process of maxing out my ROTH IRA for this year. Just waiting for the money to transfer over any day now. Then, hoping the market continues to go down, will max it out again for 2019. For young folks, this is a great time to buy as it is going down. Love to buy when it's cheaper. To quote Warren Buffett, "We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful."
  6. DK

    Potential crash?

    Yes. Stay the course. I have not done anything but staying the course. It could go down more but it could also go back up. I have no idea what's going to happen so I'm not doing anything.
  7. My 90/10 asset allocation returned 19.5% in 2017.
  8. Hi, A friend of mine brought up a couple of questions for contract exchange. He wants to move his balance from two approved vendors to another approved vendor and I told him that is considered a "contract exchange" since all 3 vendors are approved by his district. He asked me about tax consequences and I told him there should not be any. He then mentioned something about the vendors needing to have information sharing agreement on file with the district, about distribution restriction needing to be the same, and balance before and after the transfer needing to be the same. Otherwise, it will be taxed as ordinary income. So, if a vendor is an approved vendor for the district, doesn't that mean they have information sharing agreement on file already for them to be an approved vendor? What's this thing about distribution restriction needing to be the same for both vendors? As for the balance of his account being the same before and after the exchange, what happens if he already contributed to the new vendor? If he transfer his balance over, wouldn't his balance be more in the new vendor than the old vendor since he already started contribution before the exchange? I'm trying to get him all into Vanguard. He first started with Nationwide. Then stopped that and was using Pension2 until recently. Now he is contributing to Vanguard. I'm trying to get him to transfer it all into Vanguard but he's afraid of it being taxed. Thanks
  9. Looking at the expense ratio of the admiral shares compare to the investor shares, it looks like I will be saving an average of 11 basis points. With the $60/year fee, I'll still be saving about $100 per year for now. But when my portfolio grows in the future, the cost saving will be way more.
  10. Sweet. I can't wait. ADMIRAL SHARES!!!!! So excited
  11. Agree with everyone's post above. Showing our ytd return and assets allocations shows people how with riskier allocation will provide more rewards and other useful information. If you look at target date fund, you can probably match what has been posted here to how similar it performs with target date funds. For example, if you look at Vanguards Target date funds by retirement year, you can see the ytd return decreasing for retirement years that are near.
  12. Just keep it easy. [(Total Balance ytd) - (Balance at beginning of year + total contribution ytd)]/[(Balance at beginning of year + total contribution ytd)] = ytd return %
  13. I have 90/10 stock/bond that has a ytd return of 10.6% 40% is foreign
  14. lol. This happened to me too. These guys from AXA came to my school. They approached me asking about saving in a 403b. I told them I have Vanguard already and I'm good. They mentioned that I was probably there for the low fees but then asked if I was meeting with an adviser who can help me out by giving me advice and all? I told him I didn't need any adviser to tell me how to invest. I know exactly what I am doing as I have done my research. I even mentioned that if I wasn't a teacher, I would be a financial adviser instead since I enjoy the world of investing and helping others.
  15. Someone should double check the information on the website. For example, if you go to fees under Vanguard, instead of being $15 per fund; it says 15% per fund. If I saw that and didn't know about Vanguard, I would not sign up for that.
  16. For me, the 403bcompare site doesn't list Vanguard as my provider since (I'm assuming) my TPA hasn't updated it yet but I did ask my TPA directly and they said Vanguard is available for my district. They even show me the list of vendor for my district when I looked on their computer screen when I went in to see them. The link you provider in question 3 for enrolling in Vanguard doesn't seem to work if you have a TPA. I might me wrong but based on my experience, I needed to fill out the 403b enrollment paper form that Vanguard has posted on their website. It is here if you need it: https://personal.vanguard.com/pdf/0020.pdf?2210123018 On the Vanguard form to open your account, it does ask for a Plan Identification Number. The number is district specific. For me, this was a pain to get. I called my TPA and they didn't know what I was talking about. Then I called Vanguard and they referred me back to my TPA to get the information. Then I called my district which referred me back to my TPA. So I called TPA again and told them everyone was referring me back to them to get the ID number. I got bounced around until one person was able to get the number for me. I then tried it out on the website you listed to enroll but it didn't work so I had to fill out the form I listed for you there. You need to establish this Vanguard account first before the SRA can be done otherwise, there's no Vanguard account for the money to go into. I think the code number they ask for is vendor specific so you'll need to figure out what that code is from Vanguard. Hope this help somewhat. Let us know how it goes.
  17. The new 403bCompare site is here!!! It now allows you to search by fees and average expenses. Check it out.
  18. I tell people who are scare of doing their own investing to just put 100% of their contribution into a vanguard target fund and just leave it there
  19. When a sales person show up with free meals, I take the free meal. They start asking me questions about investing in 403b and other product they sell and I just tell them, "I'm happy with what I currently have. You know I'm right." After explaining what I know, they don't even bother trying to sell me anything anymore.
  20. Thanks. Luckily, I am diversified in my investing. I have 20% in Vanguard Small Cap Index. If I remember correctly, my Vanguard Emerging Market Fund was the biggest ytd returner at one point during 2016 at more than 18% ytd.. Then it went down to finish at about 11% ytd. I know what I am into and I have my long term plan. I'm just going to stay the course as should everyone else.
  21. 403bcompare needs to update their website. I know some vendors are now available for my district but it doesn't show them as being available on the 403bcompare website.
  22. Tony, 11% return with a 50/50 allocation. Wow!!! Congrats on that. For me, with a 90/10 allocation, my 2016 return was 11.4%. I guess that's due to almost 40% of my portfolio being in foreign market funds.
  23. DK

    Ira Input

    I would opened an IRA with Vanguard and just invest in the index mutual funds that Vanguard offers.
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