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  1. Vach11

    Roth IRA

    Thanks tony. That makes total sense. I appreciate it! Happy 4th tony and Ed
  2. Vach11

    Roth IRA

    So just to clarify. She opens a brokerage account and can throw her money in a money market. Then when it hits 1,000 she can open a Roth? I am leaning towards a target fund. Thanks Ed and Tony.
  3. Vach11

    Roth IRA

    Tony, so when she opens the ROTH brokerage account and saves 1,000. She can then convert it from the money market to a mutual fund (STAR) and all of this happens under the umbrella of the ROTH IRA?
  4. Vach11

    Roth IRA

    thanks tony. That’s a great idea.
  5. Vach11

    Roth IRA

    I tend to agree with you Ed. I’m a vanguard guy.
  6. Vach11

    Roth IRA

    Hello everyone. Happy summer. I’m looking for some advice for a friend who wants to start investing in a ROTH Ira. She doesn’t have the 1,000 for the minimum deposit for a vanguard per say. Are there any othe recommendations? I was thinking maybe Charles Schwab? Thank in advance.
  7. Hey everyone, Looking for some advice. Do you all subscribe to the "your age should match % in bonds.? I am 37 and am more aggressive with my portfolio. What asset allocation would you suggest for someone my age? Also what are your thoughts on target retirement funds. Right now I'm invested in the 2040 fund with vanguard. Should I look to add some more actively managed funds? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. You've all inspired me to keep fighting the fight. I will keep all posted on the future. Starting to draft a letter and will keep grinding away. It's just amazing that so many teachers invest in this crap. My sister-in-law went to a session in my same school district on 403bs and nearly started one. Luckily I stopped her and told her to focus on her Roth for now. I am a member of the union but think they may be in bed with these companies so I am not sure how much help they will be. Thanks again.
  9. I just don't have the time nor energy to fight this. The Roth it is. Thanks
  10. I emailed ...heres the response I got! Good afternoon Mr. Vachon, At the present time all our vendors are in place. We don’t anticipate adding any in the near future. If you have someone who would like to send us information we would gladly keep it in our files for the future. Thanks, Cynthia
  11. Roth is with vanguard. I'm going to investigate and call central office to inquire. Thanks everyone.
  12. The task seems daunting. How would I even begin the process of getting them to switch? Is this covered on the podcast? Here is what we are given for choices. http://www.aacps.org/humanresources/compchart.pdf
  13. Thanks guys. I'm 37. My wife is 36. Podcast is excellent. I wish more teachers would take an interest in this stuff. I'm in Anne Arundel county in Maryland and our 403b options are terrible. High high fees. I contribute to my Roth only right now because of that. What can be done? I'm interested in listening to your podcasts on this topic.
  14. Thanks Steve. It does help. I was leaning in that direction. When I retire I'll have the Maine pension (not much but it's something), Maryland pension, social security now that I pay into it as a Maryland teacher and I have my Roth IRA and 403b $. Appreciate your input.
  15. Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice. I have taught middle school and high school for the last 15 years. For the first 14 years I lived in Maine where I contributed to the Maine state retirement program. I contributed 7.5% of every paycheck and am now vested. The state does not contribute anything unlike other states. Last year my family and I moved to Maryland. I do not anticipate moving back to Maine. I am contributing to the Maryland retirement program and will be eligible to retire at 63. (Full retirement). In Maine I will be eligible to start taking retirement at age 62. My question is whether or not I should cash out my Maine pension $62,000 and roll it into a vanguard account and invest in a target retirement account. Or should I leave it in. At 62 start taking contributions of $1016 Before federal taxes (state taxes have been paid on contributions but not interest) ? $1016 would be the option where my wife would still earn the pension when I pass away. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I just finished the podcast by Dan on this topic and it sounds like I should probably keep it in the pension in Maine and collect at 62. Thanks again
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