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  1. MGUNS


    I did not want to be any plan, period. I perferred to have the money in my paycheck and invest how I saw fit. I have made less than 900.00 in four years. I have some unforeseen expenses that need to be addressed, but they do not fall within the guidelines of the "emegency withdrawal. I was told to try the withdrawal under "other" option. But, I read that the IRS looks at this request with a fine tooth comb (big brother again). I have nothing to hide, but I certainly don't need the aggravation of an audit. So... are you a professional expert on these matters? If so, any advice on how to get MY money would be appreciated. Could I terminate my employment, close the acct., get my money and be re-hired? Would this be a viable option? Thanks
  2. MGUNS


    I am in a 457b city sponsored plan. I am retired military, receiving a pension. I was put into this plan not by choice. I need my funds, but do not meet any of the "extreme hardship guidelines". I am told, (by ING rep) I cannot take a loan against my acct. But, I have read otherwise. What is true?? After withdrawal, I want to get into the city retirement plan. HELP!! Does anyone know how I can get what is rightfully mine. There is way too much government control over my money. Oh...the city plan is in the state of MA. if that helps. Thanks
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