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  1. Hi,

    The 401a is a no brainer. The employer makes all of the contributions. Do they still use Fidelity Investments? How much are they going to contribute? (I taught at UCLA and they had Fidelity with my 401a in the early 2000s).


    If you choose the 401a, will they allow you to contribute to a 403b or 457b also?

    The 403b and the 457b are very similar. In order to help you, you will need to give us more information. After you look at the documentation, let us know which companies are offered. Is there an oversight committee composed of employees that oversee the plan? Are the choices higher cost insurance company annuities or lost cost mutual funds companies such as TIAA CREF, Vanguard, or Fidelity.


    BTW, congratulations on your first job and coming here to ask these important questions.






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