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  1. http://i.imgur.com/WrURc.jpg
  2. I am. Plowing the same amount every week into my broad based and small cap equities funds. Just depressing to see my contributions vanish on the bottom line every week. What do you mean by attending to my bond allocation? I'm 31 years old so I thought it would be a good idea to buy stocks cheap(er than usual). So I'm doing 100% stocks and holding steady on my bonds. Maybe I can retire when I'm dead at this rate? ;) The new Lost Generation.
  3. Net gain = Nothing. Nada. What a farce. I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air They fly so high Nearly reach the sky Then like my dreams they fade and die Fortune's always hiding I've looked everywhere I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air
  4. My 403b portfolio is taking a beating because its 70% equities and 70% of my contribution goes towards equities (using the 100 minus age = percentage in equities rule of thumb). My first instinct, like everyone, was to pull my hand out of the fire but I realize that's a bad move. It sucked watching my contributions buy fewer and fewer shares every week as the market was going up and it sucks even more watching months of contributions evaporate in a matter of days. So its one of those screwed either way things. So I will make the most of a bad situation and put 100% of my contributions into equities now that the price is going down, even though I think they're probably still very overvalued and we're due for a big correction. For my own stress levels, the best thing I can do is not watch TV or flip out over this. It's totally beyond my control. Stay calm, carry on.
  5. Thanks, elgordo, that's the kind of fund I'm looking for.
  6. I agree, the Bay Area is too expensive for regular people. You have to be a doctor or a lawyer to buy a house. I've thought strongly about relocating to Oregon or way Northern California. I think I'll go with my plan of buying a basket of Vanguard ETFs for now. Thnaks for the comments guys.
  7. I live in the Bay Area and housing is absurdly expensive here. I don't have a wealthy family and expect nothing as far as an inheritance (hahaha, as if!). I think I'd need at least $100,000 to put down. That's assuming I'm buying something already on the market in the Bay Area. I'd rather buy a plot of land for under $100,000 and build a small house (850 square feet). My estimations are with materials, fees, permits, appliances, etc., the house would cost another $150,000 to build. I just started saving. I'm pretty frugal and I can save some per month. A few hundred more here and there if I try.
  8. Thanks, Steve, I hadn't thought of a fixed annuity. I'll definitely look into TIAA-CREF. Any thoughts on Vanguard ETFs?
  9. Hi everyone, I consolidated my students loans and have some extra money to save and invest. Does anyone have experience with buying mutual funds, stocks and bonds directly from Vanguard? You guys seem to rave about them. I was looking at low fee online brokers like Firstrade and Tradeking. I feel out of my league picking individual stocks and bonds. Vanguard's commissions compare well to online brokers. The main thing I'm looking for is a DRIP (dividend reinvestment program) to compound the interest. Is this the right approach? I'd put more into my 403b but I need something with a little more flexibility than a straight retirement account. I want to save up for a house over the next 10 years and get a better return than my M.A.T.T.R.E.S.S. account.
  10. Happy to hear you're launching a mobile version of the site. Any chance of a 403bwise app for both Android and iPhone in the future?
  11. That's the percentage of my portfolio each constitutes. And I don't have the return for each one but I'll look it up.
  12. American High-Income Trust (junk bonds) – 5.2% Capital World Bond Fund – 15.1% Capital World Growth and Income Fund – 71.2% SMALLCAP World Fund – 8.5% I've been putting 30% of my contribution into Capital World Bond Fund, 30% into Capital World Growth, 20% into American High Income and 20% into SMALLCAP World. My plan was to keep doing so until I hit 30% total in bonds, then re-adjust. I consider myself an aggressive investor because retirement is a long way off.
  13. I thought 7.5% or better was pretty good, but compared to you, am I doing something wrong? Am I in the wrong funds?
  14. I got a 7.82% return. Not bad. Too bad this mini-bubble in equities is going to burst!
  15. So the expense ratio is factored in to the price of the shares, right?
  16. Makes sense. I think people would be a lot less stressed out/murderous/road rage-y/addicted to alcohol and ###### if there was a social compact that guaranteed you wouldn't fall through the cracks so long as you made the effort to obey the law, work and pay your taxes. My step-mom's 90-something grandmother lived in and eventually died in a bright and cheerful retirement home in Canada with a full staff of doctors and nurses and activities for the residents to do at no out of pocket cost to anyone in her family. It felt quite civilized compared to the way we do things in the US.
  17. How do you figure this? Is it as simple as getting the total number of payroll contributions and deducting that from the cash value of the portfolio?
  18. Too bad, I'll have to figure out another way. Thanks.
  19. Guys, so things have been going relatively well for me over the last year in this rough economy. However, last month, my old landlady had her bank foreclose on the place I was renting, which forced me to move to a new neighborhood. Now, due to the distance to public transit into work, I really need a reliable vehicle. I got into a lot of trouble a few years ago with late bills and bad credit but I've paid those bills off. My credit still sucks. Could I go to a used car dealership and put up my 403b as a bond? I can EASILY make $300 per month payments and put respectable cash down on a pickup truck. My other assets are a pension which I am vested in but cannot touch until I am either fired or quit the job. My debts are fairly massive student loans (~$35k). What say ye?
  20. Most of the younger people in my office pulled out of their 403b this year. I don't blame them in a way, who wants to see their cash disappear?
  21. oldhat

    403 B

    It's a tough call. I'm really inexperienced with this stuff so take my guess with a big grain of salt but... I think it might be a good idea to pay off the credit cards. If you're not sleeping and they're charging 12-15% interest (like a bunch of VULTURES) and you could wipe that ball of anxiety away in a few strokes of the pen, yeah, it might be a good idea. Not paying that 12-15% is a much bigger effective return than anything you'll get in the market right now. You'd at least have some leftover in your 403b, too. Then slice up all of your credit cards. The student loans you can get forbearance on and the interest rates are generally a lot lower than consumer debt. My heart goes out to you, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. But remember, it's not just you, almost everyone is up to their necks in debt. The banks, the government, your neighbors...
  22. oldhat

    403 B

    How much do you have total in the 403b? Do you have any other debt? Do you have any other assets? What is the interest rate on the credit cards? What is the interest rate on the 403b loan?
  23. All I have to say is: yup. http://motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2010/07/...ll-economy-suck
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