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  1. I had gotten a lot of help from you guys on different companies to go with. I have another question though. Currently I am single...however I plan on getting married in the next few years. My boyfriend currently invests into mutual funds, and is planning to sign up through his job for his own 403B plan. I understand that we should each have our own, however, would it benefit us (or not) to go through the same company, if it is possible?
  2. Kim

    Comparing 403bs

    Thanks for the info on the "no-loads" that was very helpful. I am definitely going to check on that. Also thanks for suggesting the resources, and giving some examples about the investing to me. I did want to have this all settled by the holidays, now that I am more informed and have done some research during the break, I think that I am on my way! Thank you again to all of you for all of your help.
  3. Kim

    Comparing 403bs

    What is the difference between the 403B and the 457B (I thought the 403B is for teachers and the 457 would be for police officers, etc.). What does "no-loads" mean? How is it better than a regular 403B?
  4. Kim

    Comparing 403bs

    Wow. . this topic surely gets ! After reading through all of the posts (opinions and debates) . . .I have gotten some good information out of them. It is still difficult for me to understand what to look for and how to analyze (ie: where to look for the growths, how to tell which will make more money for you, etc.). . I guess it is something I still have to learn! Maybe I should sign up for a personal finance class! Let me get this straight. Through NYSUT I can get some financial counseling for $79 per year? Now, are they associated with ING? If so won't they be biased?
  5. Kim

    Comparing 403bs

    Thank you for all of your responses! I guess that Fidelity and ING are the two that you guys have recommended. I, unfortunately, do not have a good grasp on exactly how to research these and other different companies. I guess I have to look for any commissions and fees that will be paid by me, however I am having a very difficult time. The Fidelity looks good. . but I don't know if I am confident to do it on my own! How would I go about finding a financial advisor? Is that someone who is not associated with one of these companies that sells 403B plans, and would not be biased? That is what I think I need! Thanks again for your input, and I would greatly appreciate any more. I am devoting this winter break to finding a company to go with and starting to invest (I have procrastinated, but I just haven't felt comfortable comitting yet). Happy New Year.
  6. Kim

    Comparing 403bs

    I am a first year teacher in New York and I have been doing research about the 403B plan. I am looking for help in finding the best company to get a 403B plan through. I have been approached by 2 men; one from AXA-Equitable, and the other from CITI Group-Travelers. Other teachers at my school have Aetna, ING, Fidelity. I am finding it difficult to compare and choose. I saw the one note posted for the 403B compare for people in California. Is there a site to compare for those in NY? Please help!
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