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  1. I am retired, and left that employer 30 years ago. My former employer no longer offers TIAA-CREF plans. I have made an inquiry via the TIAA-CREF online message service.
  2. Why not get a call into the T/C Executive Offices and find out what is going on? It seemed easier to find out this way. Have you been able to get good info. from the TIAA-CREF Executive Offices?
  3. It used to be that I had easy access to the Wealth Management group at TIAA-CREF. Whenever I called the TIAA-CREF main number, it was usually one of them who would answer, and I could easily reach a particular one if I needed to by using his/her extension number. I found this very valuable because often the "regular" people are not very knowledgeable. This seems to be a level of service available if you have a certain $ amount in your account. Although the value of my account has not declined from where it was when I last talked to someone in Wealth Management, I no longer have access to that group. They never answer when I call the main number. I was able to leave a message for one person whose extension I have, but he has never returned the call. Has it gone out of existence, or has TIAA-CREF increased the account value that qualifies one for this service?
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