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  1. Thanks Vince, That does work! I thought you had to be a "premium member" for that to work. You do not. But, it appears features beyond this you do need a premium membership. I had used another model from a differnt site, several years ago, cannot find it, I believe it was one of the magazine websites, like "SmartMoney.com" or simalar. -Tom
  2. Hello, I've been searching on the internet for a FREE calculator that can take my Existing Funds and dollar amounts, from multiple accounts and come out with my current asset allocation percentages of the major classes: cash, bonds, small cap, large cap, mid cap, international, ect..., I want to be able to plug my current funds and $ amounts in, and spit out a result. I need to know where I'm at now, so I can re-allocate if needed. Only calculators I keep finding are ones that determine My best fit for risk tolerance, and a suggested allocation percentages. Anybody know of one??? -Tom
  3. Joel, Mine is a "County", within the State of Missouri if it matters? -Tom
  4. A previous post got me interested, I am an employee of a Goverment entity which provides a 457(b) plan to it's employee's. In my opinion, we have nobody within the "management" dept. that really knows what they are doing related to retirement savings plans. Anyway, I am in a positon where I can make "suggestions" for changes. I am not an expert by any means, only an employee wishing to get the most bang for the buck. Are there any providers a Goverment entity could contract with to provide services to it's employee's that DO NOT charge large commissions? Previous post listed : USAA Investment Management Company, and Vanguard Group Currently we employees are offered products from: Kemper Group, Mass Mutual, and Nationwide, all charge a commission. I would like to advise my finance department to consider adding, or changing providers for this service. -Tom
  5. I belive you can have it transfered to an IRA of your choosing. But it should be transfered by your ex-husbands employer as a "Conduit Transfer". And it must remain seperate from any other IRA's you may own. This was part of the Govermnents changes to the tax laws in 2001: EGTRRA §641(a)(1); IRC §§457(b)(2), (d)(1)© & (e)(16). To be specific. If you have it withdrawn, then you transfer it to an IRA, the previous (employer) must withhold 20% for tax puposes. That's the reason for a direct transfer from employer to IRA company. Once it's in an IRA you have more control over it. OR..........., you may be able to keep it in the 457(b) account in your name, even if you do not contribute to it, it will grow tax deffered in the subaccounts you select from the plan. Tricky question for an amatuer like myshelf. May want to consult a financal planner near you. Perhaps someone else will chime in here and teach us both something. -Tom
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