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  1. Is the plan subject to ERISA? Is the employer governmental or church-related? Do you want a 3-year wait in employer contributions only or on salary reduction employee contributions? How would I know about ERISA? It is a non profit, not gov't or church related. end of 3-year wait on employer contributions only.
  2. Can a company have a 3 year wait for a company contribution? e.g. Company does not want to contribute the amount of the monthly profit sharing to all eligible’s until the employee has completed 3 years of service. So at the end of year 3 all eligibles would get ######% on a monthly basis and it would be 100% vested. I want to know if they allow this in a 403b plan if written today? The 401b is suppose to look like the 401k now and the 401k does not allow it, 2 years is the longest, end of year 2 beginning of year 3. Also if they have an existing 403B, is it allowed? Or they need to change this? This is not a vesting question. Thanks.
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