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  1. 457b plans of non profit employers can only be transferred to a 457b plan of another non profit organization and canot be rolled over to an IRA. Employers can impose restrictions on when the benefits are payable such as age 65. You need to check the plan document or SPD to determine when the benefits may be distributed. Investment of plan assets will be described in the plan document. Thanks, so it seems that when I leave, my funds will stay here until I'm 65. It just doesn't seem right that so much authority is handed to the employer. I was never informed of all this, or I wouldn't have put any of my own money into it!
  2. Please, would someone clarify this for me... I read that you cannot roll over a 457b unless it is into another 457b plan. I also read above that you can either leave it with the employer or take it as taxable income upon termination of employment. My current employer claims that unless they approve an unforeseen emergency that no one, absolutely no one can withdraw their money until retirement age 65. My question is, is that correct and legal? I really need to know whether or not I can withdraw my funds, and I don't trust what they say at all. On the other hand, I know that these plans are written by the employer, so can they really keep people from rolling over or withdrawing funds until age 65??? I have lots of other questions too, like how gains/losses should be tracked for each plan participant. Should the total percentage gain of the investment be shared equally among all, no matter how long they have been in the plan, or should each person have their own account? All of this record keeping is done in-house and I don't think it is right. Also, is it legal to keep our withholdings in a temporary savings account instead of investing them just because the market is losing? Thanks for reading and your assistance!
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