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Stephen A. Schullo, Ph.D. (UCLA '96) is 70 years old. He taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for 24 years and UCLA Extension. He retired in 2008. The first generation Italian-American, ex-Marine, Vietnam Vet wrote investment articles for United Teachers-Los Angeles' union newspaper (circ. 40,000) for 11 years.

A thrice featured volunteer retirement plan advocate, twice in the Los Angeles Times and once in U.S. News and World Report. In 2013 he with his late husband, Dan, were featured on the national broadcast PBS Frontline: The Retirement Gamble. He started an investor self-help group for LAUSD colleagues and wrote over 7000 posts in three investment forums since 1997.

Frequently quoted and interviewed by the media, testified at state legislative hearings, honored by the 40,000 member Los Angeles teachers’ union for his retirement investing advocacy and currently serves on LAUSD’s Investment Advisory Committee for the past 12 years as Member-at-Large and former co-chair. The committee oversees 457(b) plan with $150 million and the 403(b) plans for 55,000 former and current LAUSD employees, assets of $2.5 billion.

Steve writes a blog and has over 500 LAUSD educators and 500 general public as followers: www.latebloomerwealth.com

He has written two books: Late Bloomer Millionaires and Fighting Powerful Interests. Both are a FREE pdf file, so you can read them on your mobile. Just email Steve at steve.schullo@latebloomerwealth.com and he will pass those books on to you. His most recent book, Fighting Powerful Interests: Educators Challenge Tax-sheltered Annuities and WIN! is for public school personnel only and especially for LAUSD employees. But it is a financial story and anybody could learn from it so you can advocate for a better 403(b), 401(k) or 457(b) plan from your employer. Read our fascinating and inspirational story about how Los Angeles Unified School District's Award Winning 457(b) plan came to fruition. Both books are easy to read and they are a story first and informational second. The point is that when you read one or both books, you will be on your way to financial independence without a costly financial adviser. 

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