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  1. Hi Michael,

    Shannon has a question which requires your expertise.

    Have a great day,


  2. Hope she finds in your story what she needs.

    Here is the reporter:

    Leslie Scism's email: Leslie.Scism@wsj.com

  3. Hi Buck,

    This is Steve. The Wall Street Journal wants to interview teachers such as yourself that have been sold a ripoff insurance product. Her name is Leslie Scism Scism, email: Leslie.Scism@wsj.com. Please let her know that you are willing to talk. We have been trying to help teachers for years avoid what you are going through.

    If you wondering who I am, Google my name.


  4. Have you contacted Leslie Scism? at leslie.scism@wsj.com

  5. 760-202-3567 but I am in and out.

  6. Hi Marc,

    Enjoyed your posts. The WSJ is going to do a piece on 403b. Please contact the reporter. She wants to know specifics on how the insurance companies can continue to block 403b reform. Reporter's name is Leslie Scism, email: Leslie.Scism@wsj.com

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