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  1. My wife HAS used the CALSTRS site. It indicates that she can buy the air time and that she can use an on-line calculator. There is no calculator available for air time, even though the site claims there is. I am wondering if the site is the same as the one for qualified time. The pay scale for qualified air time was changed last month, so are they now the same for both qualified and air time? She received a notice that her application for Qualified purchase is in their hopper, but that due to the changes and the demand, she will not here for six months. She mailed and phoned in for clarification on the cost of air time, but I predict the collective wisdom of this site will answer her questions sooner. She will retire in June Dennis
  2. Hi My wife is retiring from the CA State Teachers Retirement System. She remebered that a techer could purchase years of credit toward retirement, Now that she is retiring she can't find this on the CALSTRS site. She thinks it was called air time and it referred to the purchase of non-teaching, non-subsituting time. She can find the link for purchasing other teaching time, which CALSTRS calls Permissive service credit. Does this still exist? Thank you, Dennis
  3. Chuck are you saying that if I keep the money in the rolled over IRA there will be a ten percent penalty? Or is that 10 % penalty just if I take the money out before 59 1/2? I won't need the money until after I am 59 1/2. I just don't want to pay a fee to the school district vendor if the money could be rolled into Vanguard IRA for a much lower fee.
  4. If I have a 457 throught the only vendor provided by our district, you can bet they charge a fee. May I roll over the 457 when I retire this year? If so, can I roll into my Vanguard 403-b or do I have to create an IRA rollover?
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