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  1. So I have 2 questions (maybe 3) about my 457. I'm not the most observent person in the world, and I thought I had a 403(b), but I was viewing my portfolio online today and it said 457(b), so I guess that's what I've got. Thus: 1) Is there a big difference between a 403 and a 457? 2) Do I need to open a 403(b) 3) Does Tiaa-cref have a 457 lifestyle fund? and should I roll my stuff into it? I'm 26, so I have a loooong way to go.
  2. I had heard rumors that there was going to be a groundbreaking article in Wallstreet Journal this month about 403b's, and that Teach and retire rich may even be mentioned. Is this article still planned? Does anyone know when it is going to come out? I'm taking some grad classes now, and I'm trying to engage my fellow students. This article may be a great way to finally get them to understand. Matt
  3. Welp, my fun with Tiaa-cref continues. I looked up my info on the site and it still hasn't changed. Turns out that the request I made was sent as a closed request vs. an open request. What does that mean? Welp, it means that no one saw my request to fix my account. All this fun should be fixed by next week though. Gosh, I should have to stay on top of it like this, but I guess it is better for me if I do. I hope everyone enjoys their summers! Matt
  4. Joe, TIAA-CREF already has some target date funds. They told me that they will unveil more after they switch their computer system (which will happen by the end of this year or early '06). I was also told that the only way to get into said funds would be if my district were to offer them, so it looks like it won't be until the 06-07 school year that I would be able to get into this fun. Matt
  5. Alrighty, the fun continues tonight! I just got off the line with TIAA-CREF: 1: Very helpful kind people, makes this easier. Although, I have spoken to two people and I have gotten conflicting reports, but I'll get into that later. 2: Turns out, my money started showing up before the paper work, so they opened a default money-market account to hold it. I forgot to ask when the paper work showed up though. I bet it was a while, my county is screwed up. 3: They are now transfering my money over to the account I discussed above. 4: I may be able to get some back-log intrest. The onlything standing in my way is the fact that I have already gotten 2 statements. 5: Conflicting reports: I was told by guy A that I have a 457, not a 403. Guy B said, nope 403, not 457. Wathever it is, and i'll def. be looking at my next statement, I do know that it is no longer money market. I think I need to wisen up!
  6. Joe, Does TIAA-CREF have their target date funds yet? I've heard they either just started them, or they are going to roll them out soon. I'd like to "Fire and forget" or "set it and forget it" (a ron-co term) if possible. Matt
  7. Chad, After posting this, I realized that it seemed quite odd that my money was only allocated to a money market account. Looking at my records it seems that I had signed up for a moderately aggressive portfolio from TIAA-CREF. That portfolio is broken down as such: 15% TIAA Traditional 10% CREF Bond Market 15%TIAA Real Estate 60%CREF Stock Now the question is, why the heck is my money in a money-market account if I checked the box for the Mod. Aggressive. I'm going to call TIAA-CREF tomorrow to sort this out. Matt
  8. Chad, I am using TIAA-CREF for my 403(b). I currently have $5400 in a money-market account. I am getting ready to choose my allocation and am looking for suggestions. Matt
  9. Thanks for the feedback Joe. I tell you, this money thing is annoying. I wish I could just live without having to deal with it, but alas. . . It's hard trying to find that balance between saving for decades later, saving for a few years later, and having liquidity to go and have some fun. Out here in Maryland, it's almost to the point that if I want to buy a house I am going to face a long, long commute. I want to go to Europe, but if I do that, and grad school, then there goes my savings right out the window. I guess that is the beauty of the 403(b), that money just can't be touched, so it will always be there.
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