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  1. Sorry, I agree with Fidelity, I overlooked the list. Aspire would be my #2 choice.
  2. Aspire, without a doubt. They have low fees and you will be able to access Vanguard funds (VTSAX).
  3. Tony, Can't find it in the Archive? Do you remember the name? Bob, Thanks for the link, currently we do have a good pension in PA however it's Gov. Corbett's mission to end or reduce it dramatically which makes this decision even tougher. -Dale
  4. My wife and I are both teachers in the public PA educational system for about 7 years now. We have been contributing to our 403b accounts (Vanguard & Fidelity, low cost and diversified) for several years now. My wife's District now offers a Roth 403b. I have read lots of literature on both, but everyone has different opinions. What are your thoughts about going toward the Roth? Thank you.
  5. Steve, Thanks for the advice. My wife is in 3,I made a typo. Sparten Total Stock, Sparten International, and Total Bond Index. Thanks
  6. My wife's school district offers Fidelity where she has been contributing in low cost passive funds (Sparten Total Stock, Sparten International Total Bond). Her District is now offering Vanguard. What is your opinion on switching?
  7. Fidelity does it for you, it's nice! 8.5% for me.
  8. Good luck with everything! I hope I don't share your frustrations!
  9. I am just revisiting my investment options before I actually contribute, and I wanted to clarify some opinions about the Wellesley Income Fund. It is my understanding that this fund is already diversified to the point where it has 60% bonds and roughly 35% stocks. My other funds that I am contributing too include, Vanguard Total Stock Market Index(50%) and Vanguard Total International Stock Index (30%). I would like your opinion on if it is a better idea to go into the Vanguard Total Bond Market instead of the Wellesley since the Wellesley may be too much stock compared to bonds? Again, I'm age 30, and want to stay smart and aggressive. Thank you. Is anyone familiar with these bonds that could give me their opinions about using the Wellesley as my bond proxi compared to the VTBM.
  10. Steve, Very good advice, I would like to attend your seminar, although I guess your not in the Phila area? I still have another month to go but I'm looking at contributing 10-12% depending if I do a Roth 403b or tax deferred. Do you have an opinion about those two options? I'm leaning toward Roth 403b. Looks like I might go this way: Van Stock mkt index 50% Van Total Inter Stock mkt ind 35% Van Wellesley 15% *The energy and Health funds require a 3000 intial payment, so I'm scratching that.
  11. Steve, Thank you for all of your advice. You have definitely put me in the right direction...I have a lot to read.
  12. I want to thank you for your responses. I was unsure about diversifying my portfolio, but after rereading and researching I do understand its need and the process. I do however have one question for you regarding the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares. As I was researching it, I noticed on Morningstar reports and different tables that the stock over the last 10 years has been in the negatives. I understand about 2008, and it being a bad year, but why would it be a good stock to invest in. I'm just learning about things right now, so I am asking just to get a firmer grasp on what to do. I appreciate your responses. Thank you.
  13. I brought over a broker my school district offers yesterday to discuss contributing to 403bs. As we talked, everything sounded great until he explained his company offers mutual funds A which charge an upfront 5.8% fee. After reading from Dan Otter's book several times, I realized those fees are what really destroy a portfolio. I then decided to go with Vanguard, which my school district offers. I researched several investments but I am not sure whether to move forward or not. Here is my situation; the funds I was thinking about going into include a mixture of Vanguard Energy Fund (.38 fees) and Vanguard HealthCare Fund (.36 fees)and maybe a little bit into Wellesley Income Fund (.31). The first two investments are very aggressive, and the third is moderate. I am thirty years old, and I know my risk tolerance is very aggressive. I just would like to get someone's opinion about my ideas since the first two are also about 90% stocks. Another idea I wanted to pick someones brain about are ROTH403b or tax-deferred 403bs. Thank you.
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