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  1. I recently listened to a presentation by a representative of "Mutual Inc." at an educational conference. This man also works for one of the approved 403b providers in my school district. I will try to summarize my understanding of what he was selling. He was basically proposing a way to provide survivorship benefits (income at age 75) by buying life insurance products through my 403b plan or by using the leveraging power of my 403b & 457 investments. He used such language as "pre-tax permanent life insurance" and "by using a variety of insurance products (whole life, universal, term and enhancement of a variable annuity) you can get a guaranteed income after a set 10 year period." He also said it's "an Estate Rider of a tax-sheltered product to get additional insurance coverage without it costing much, if anything." Although I probed, I could not make heads or tails of what the actual plan is. My suspicions of this being a terrible idea are quite high. It sounds like he wants to use people's 403b & 457 investments as a way to leverage an insurance product. Has anyone heard of this before? I am interested in any thoughts/opinions. Thank you. Jan
  2. Can anyone explain the implications of the newly proposed rules around deemed IRAs in qualified retirement plans? I read the lengthy IRS explanation of provisions, etc. and cannot make heads or tails of it. Thank you. Jan
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