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  1. Hello everyone, My wife is a teacher in Texas, and I am trying to help her to get started in her 403b. My problem is I know NOTHING about them- although I have been learning. The other day, she signed up with a company called Great America Financial. The way the gentleman talked it sounded like she had signed up for a bond fund. Today in the mail, we got a letter stating that she had signed up for a variable annunity. Right now her School district already has a sperate account ( something for senoirity) - that is in ING. My problem is: One fold! HELP! I know that from what I have read these var. annunities are not what she needs. A brief background. 37 years old- and NO retirement except for 2,500 in the ING fund. Suggestions on what I should do to help her get the ball rolling? Thanks
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