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  1. HAHA I dont remember the formula to do that and I really dont want to do each year at a time, so help me out......... thanks
  2. I met with my guy at Smith Barney and heres what he thinks I should do. Since my employer is only going to match 250 a year, that I should start a Roth and max it out, then if Im still wanting to invest more open up the 403b... ALL OF THE FEES FOR THE ROTH ARE: a costodial fee of $40 a year (which i think can be waved once i get a decent chunk of change in there) and a Investment fee (c share) of 2.5% Is that okay or not.... I really like the idea of having somebody help me out. I am going to have this money in the market for a long time and I like the idea of having a local professional (who is also a friend) help me out with it. I have a lot to learn and it makes me a little more comfortable. I still plan to be very involved especially as I learn more but do you guys think its worth paying for it?? Or can i get cheaper help or is that average for a broker or consultant or whatever their title??? Thanks for the help
  3. Thanks westerndad... Sierra, ....I think hes 28.
  4. Thanks for all the great info guys! You all have been a huge help. Thanks for the book refrences, I ordered a couple of them that some of you had mentioned. I have a meeting with Smith Barney tomorrow, the guy at smith barney is a friend of mine, so im just gonna go in and meet with him and see what I can learn and gather some further useful information and decide whether to go with SB or Vanguard... I am also planning to start a roth IRA as soon as im done getting my 403b set up... I found out that my employer will only meet the whole whopping $250 a year HAHA! what a joke! I'm only 20yrs old and i know pretty much nothing about investing...yet!! so i got sometime to keep learning!! Hopefully my 403b and my ira should be a good start THANKS AGAIN!
  5. My employer does offer a match plan, its not much though... What is a no load investment?? My employer offers these 3 venders: Smith Barney, Vanguard, and Primerica.... I dont work for a school, i work for a non profit, and there not very helpful. Im kinda stuck doing everything on my own so.... Do I want to stay away from annuities? I appriciate your help thank you
  6. I am new to all this so I was wandering if any of you had any opinions about Smith Barney?? The company I am with goes through smith barney so I am looking at opening up a 403b through them. Any opinions would be greatly appriciated. Thanks
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