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  1. Get out, LSW is the commission Whores of the 403b world, Equity Index Annuities are products that give all of us who try to do the right thing for our clients a bad name.
  2. sschullo, please look at a pay stub, do a few simple calculations, then please correct your reply. This is a proven method of education and would do you some good.
  3. Steve, I really encourage you to read the regs, that money has always been in the district plan, is still in and will be restricted until qualifing event.
  4. Well, finally Tony you have made the case for a variable annuity.
  5. 403bagent


    carlos, you would need to research the districts plan document, which should be available by now, the retirement agreement with the district would have to be structured correctly and the vendor would have to accept the contributions ( that part should be easy). These type of arangements are done all the time and are allowed under the new regs.
  6. You guys need to read more than the headlines and get your info from somewhere other than the OBAMAMEDIA. The AIG party was for life insurance agents who most likely sold large amounts of cash value life insurance, not AIG execs. OH wait that probally makes it worse.
  7. Tony, why would you want to "let him have it"?
  8. ScottyD, if Omni has just been hired and it is not yet known if Vanguard will continue to be available (you and I and any other half informed 403(b) agent know they will not be) then an ISA is the only way period.
  9. Isabella, be very careful with free information it is often worth what you pay for it. Tony and JudyS should both know that Vanguard must sign an Information Sharing Agreement with your district before any transfer can take place. This has been in effect for almost 1 year ( Sept. 24, 2007). I am amazed that these 2, whom post here often do not know this. It is very unlikely that Vanguard will sign an ISA with your district and will not likely remain on the approved list after 1-1-09.
  10. I would not take the advice of anyone on this site who would give you advice based on no information about you. What is your age, income, current holdings, tax filing status, etc...
  11. Way to go GOV. We know he makes good decisions.
  12. Check the Distribution Code on the 1099-R and report back to us what the code is and if there is an explanation for that code on the back side of 1099-R.
  13. Sierra is right he is still in the district plan. Seperation from service is a qualifing event but does not terminate relationship with the plan.
  14. Sierra, I have not researched the tax law in NY or NJ, talked to Intruder and will not, I could not care less, as I have said I am from Texas and have no state income tax. Your pissing match with Intruder is your own, do not drag me into it. Had TeeAich taken your advice the penalties would have far exceeded and of my fees or expenses which you attack all the time. Yours Truly, the mean-spirted SOB.
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