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  1. Joe, Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, my employer does not contribute to the 403b. We are able to pick our vendors, and I am looking closely at several, particularly TIAA-CREF since I have heard many positive things about them. I will check out that website you recommended. Are you able to contribute to both a 403b and a Roth IRA, or is it one or the other? Thanks again for your input! Have a good evening. -Kathy
  2. Reading through some of the other posts regarding new employees and 403b, I found some interesting advice. I saw one that advised to max-out a post-tax Roth IRA before contributing to a pre-tax 403b or traditional IRA. What are your feelings about this? Thank you, Kathy
  3. Hi all! I am a new college grad, starting my first job. Here, I have the option for a 403b account. I currently only use my savings account as a means of saving money. I am in the process of looking into the 403b and stocks/mutual funds. How much of my monthly salary would you recommend contributing to my 403b? Thank you!
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