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  1. thank you Ira..im digesting your post in small units if i cannot move my funds from Edward Jones, and if i were to start new with a no load fund,wouldnt i lose a lot in the compounding department?..so i would really have 2 seperate accounts?
  2. thanks Ira..my first name is David tonight I will go to diehards and read up on investing if I decided to drop Edward Jones what would I do with my money?..how would I go about transfering the funds into something else so I would not lose anything?..also how do you invest without using a rep? thanks
  3. Chad..I started in Valic because another school employee was the rep..I was brand new to investing and he was the only rep I had ever met..100% of the people contributing at my school were in Valic..when my account became of less value than the amount I had contributed, me and another guy at school decided to drop Valic. Another school employee had recently quit teaching and went to work for Edward Jones..He simply told me that Edward Jones would outpreform Valic so me and my friend switched (this has been 3 years ago)..I live in South Carolina, and would say that my risk tolerance is moderate..The guy who signed me up for Edward Jones has now returned to teaching and my account was turned over to a former student of mine who went to work with Edward Jones..I am not at all confident in this guy as my account manager, but have taken no action up to this point..he and I have never sat down face to face..my account is spread into 8 different funds, all recommended by the first guy who switched me to Edward Jones..my plan is to learn as much as possible fast, then have a sit down meeting with my account manager and decide what action to take..I have not been active at all in terms of knowing about my account, and recently, I've had the feeling of stopping these contributions altogether and maybe investing elsewhere (was thinking of real estate, as in buying a piece of land and sitting on it)..thanks for any input or suggestions Ira..I do not know what no load funds are, and in fact I don't know if I have a variable, or fixed annuity with Edward Jones..again thanks for any comments or suggestions dp
  4. hello all..I'm new here so I apologize if this has been asked before to make a long story short I invested in Valic for about 10 years, became dissatisfied, and switched my 403b to Edward Jones company realistically I have no clue what funds I should be in, or how much to contribute..at one time I was contributing 500 a month into Valic, and when I switched over to Edward Jones I lost a lot of value..now im contributing 275 a month any help or advice is greatly appreciated I have taught for 13 years and have 15 more until I can retire..thanks dpfromrockhillsc
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