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  1. Hello, I'm new to this board, and relatively new to investing. I just left the private sector and began teaching at a public school this year. When I was hired I was handed a list of 403b providers and given little to no information about what a 403b is or how it compares to a 401k, so I'm thankful that I stumbled across this site before I chose a company to deal with. I have a small 401k with American Funds and I'm planning on rolling it over into a 403b with the Vanguard Group. I know that I need to contact AF and Vanguard to initiate the process and I'm wondering if there are any dangers that I need to be aware of when rolling over the account? The other companies on the vendor list include: John Hancock Keystone Financial Group Travelers Union Central Life Insurance Met-Life Hoarce Mann Thrivent for Lutherans Marella Financial Group Sun Life Variable Annuity Life Ins. Security Benefit Life Ins. Delaware Management Paul Revere American Express Midland National Life Lincoln Investment and Planning Equi-Vest Any comment on any of these companies and how they compare to Vanguard? Thanks, Chris
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