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  1. Hi I am on a learning curve regarding the 457(b) plan. Consequently I have some basic, but important questions. I wish to open a 457(b) and max it out. My choices are Fidelity and TIAA CREF. I will probably go with the former. I wish to build this up over the next year or two with the aim of rolling it over to an established Traditional IRA then pay the taxes to get into my Roth IRA. This would occur once I terminate employment. My questions are: (1) Someone at Fidelity told me that a 403(b) has to be maxed out before contributions to a 457(b) can be made. However, it was not clear to him if one needs to first contribute this amount to a 403(b) (i.e. $14,000 for 2005) before starting contributions to a 457(b), or if contributions can be made concomitantly such that by year's end the 403(b) hits $14,000? Is either of these accurate? (2) Upon leaving current employer can a 457(b) rollover into a Traditional IRA, or alternatively can one receive as cash with NO PENALTY regardless of age (of course I understand I must pay taxes if I receive as cash)? Thanks for any comments. Eric
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