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  1. Sounds like surrender fees in disguise.
  2. Thanks for the great info. JMacDonald: I want to transfer to TC because I did a transfer to Vanguard (very happy with them) some years ago, and am thinking it's a good idea to not have all funds with the same company. Herb: I will be checking with TC, but it looks like it won't work since I haven't yet had a qualifying event. Thanks again.
  3. Spoke to a rep at TC and they said yes, but what I read elsewhere is different. Sounds like you can only do this if there is an event like retirement, job change, or you're 59 1/2. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.
  4. Just got off the phone with TIAA-CREF. I always thought I had to transfer a 403b to another 403b, but since my school system (K-12) doesn't participate with TC, that isn't possible. Luckily, it looks like I can transfer my existing 403b into an IRA with them. Has anyone ever heard of/ or done this?
  5. Wondering if my 403b can be transferred to TC. I'm still employed but all 403b money has no surrender penalties.
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