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  1. Fortunately this is not a concern and I'm sure it's been covered here but is a loan or hardship request at our discretion or could the application actually be denied by omni? Thank you, Mike
  2. makouri


    My district chose a TPA (TDS) that includes Vanguard as a choice. I followed this up with two conversations with TDS employees, and they assured me that the transition will be seamless. I will not have to change anything; the contributions to Vanguard will continue as usual. Now, that is what they said. I'm not going to be surprised if it doesn't work out that way. Contact info for them? We need all the ammo we can get.
  3. makouri


    That is a great argument to make, Bruce. Congress could (may? will?) change that, but in the meantime, that is something to keep in mind. I think that I am still going to be able to contribute to Vanguard, but I was thinking about also opening a 457, as well. Considering the poor choices I have in my NEA-endorsed 457 plan, your suggestion for opening a plain old regular account seems like a good one. How do you think you're still going to be able to contribute to Vanguard? Any new news?
  4. By "a lot of folks", who exactly do you mean? Us as investors or the companies themselves?
  5. makouri


    I have been on here in the past and kept an eye every now and again. Thanks to all for your advice througout that time. Well, now I, and my fellow teachers, need help. Just got an email from our Asst. Supt. about the 403b changes as of Jan 1, 2009. In short, his email listed a bunch of rule changes in accounting then let us know that: A: the Omni group (haven't researched them yet, figured I'd come here first) is going to be the 3rd party representing our 403b/457 plans with their chosen vendors. B. Fidelity and Vanguard will probably (which means for sure) will not be on the approved vendor list as they have for all 13 years of my teaching, all of which I've contributed dilligently to Vanguard. I called Vanguard and they told me it's because they would not sign the Information Sharing Agreement my district told them to because Vanguard has their own and will not waiver. I immediately notified our union president and vice president and typed in all caps that I'll do whatever I have to but we are NOT losing these providers. ADVICE PLEASE.
  6. Hello, need help understanding something(s). I get a hold of Fidelity after reading here that they do in fact offer the 457 and the rep sends me the info and the 52 page plan document. I pass it along to our decision maker who speaks with the Fidelity rep and....long story short: we won't be using Fidelity because they won't accept our plan document and our district won't accept theirs. What could the material difference be between the plan documents? Why does a 457 need one but a 403 doesn't? We can use fidelity under the 403. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for all of your input. As an aside, the Fidelity rep told me pretty soon the 403's would need plan documents as well. Thanks again, Mike
  7. makouri

    457b Anuity

    I'm so glad I check here periodically. I didn't think Fidelity offered one. After reading your post, I called and they obviously do but you only need five people INTERESTED in signing up. I have it saved on email. I asked the rep via email if I needed 5 to actually sign up or 5 that were simply interested and after checking with her manager, she emailed back I simply needed 5 people interested. I was very happy to hear that. I am sending the docs to my district now to sign off on them and get Fidelity on the list. Hope this helps.
  8. makouri


    seems like all I'm running into are annuity options left and right. I know the limit is significantly less and it is after tax dollars but I am thinking of just going with a Roth with Vanguard as opposed to annuities in the 457. Again, any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.
  9. makouri


    Thanks for the info friends. I have a couple meetings lined up next week to go over. I'll let you know what happened.
  10. makouri


    Hello old friends, after a 2 year leave from teaching, I am back....and rested....and investing. I have already maxed out the 403 and have since learned my district is offering the 457. Unfortunately, neither Vanguard nor Fidelity are options for me. Here is a list and I thought I would ask for advice/feedback: 1. American funds 2. AXA 3. Kemper 4. Metlife I have already eliminated Valic from my choices as well as Paradigm (prudential). There are a couple local vendors but in my estimation they would have more fees. Any feedback is appreciated. Hope all is well for everyone. Mike Akouri Novi,MI
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