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  1. Hi IRA, The Vanguard annuity's ME fee is more expensive but remember it is not available for pre-tax investing. Peace, Joel
  2. Tom, What do you mean by "hardly any rules"? Joel
  3. Assuming your definition of "financial advisor" is: a person or firm that earns a commission from a B/D for a securities transaction executed on behalf of a customer. This person/firm is not a fiduciary but must be assured that the transaction is "suitable" for the client based on the client's station in life. If on the other hand the person/firm is a Registered Investment Advisor then the person/firm is a fiduciary to the client and as such must be assured that the recommended transaction is suitable for the client based on the client's station in life. The www has many many articles on this topic. Peace and Hope, Joel
  4. 403

    Model Porrfolios

    GSC: Are the advisor's duties spelled out in detail? Just what is he/she required to do to earn $350 a year on a 100K account? To what extent is the 35bp simply a residual fee similar to a 12b1 trail? Peace and hope, Joel L. Frank
  5. 403

    Model Porrfolios

    What is the advisor's fee in basis points? Joel
  6. 403


    yes, makouri seems to be confused. In my view the pre-tax investment plan of choice for all public employees is the 457(b).
  7. The 403b is structured terribly, it is fragmented and has an ugly retail distribution model. ====================================================If I was a 403bagent I would state that the product is structured just right, is not fragmented and has a beautiful retail distribution model. Joel L. Frank
  8. 100 percent vested means you own the employer's contributions! Peace and hope, Joel L. Frank
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