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  1. Thank you Ira, I was leaning toward Vanguard because of the variety of funds they offer, but TIAA-CREF seemed to have better customer service. Does anyone have experience with employer services that vanguard offer like employee educational services and the like? Thank you for your reply
  2. Hi All, I asked this question before, but I think I joined the wrong discussion board. I am about to start a 403(b) for the organization I work for and am in the process of selecting providers. The two providers I have looked at most closely are TIAA-Cref and Vanguard. TIAA-Cref charges a $4000 fee to the employer to set up the account where as Vanguard does not charge the employer anything. It seems that Vanguard charges the employees a bit more for the various accounts they purchase. Could someone give me some feedback on the pros and cons with these two companies, and which one I should select. Thank you.
  3. So what you are saying is that the employer cap is as much as one has earned thus far? For example, if an emplyee starts to work in November and this plan will take affect in December, the emplyer can only contribute as much as this employee has made till December?
  4. I now have another question. Does anyone know the rules regarding empoyer contribution in a 403 b? The organization I am working for would like to contribute an amount that is the same for all emplyees regardless of their income. I have read alot of matching funds, but my organization would not be interested in that. Does anyone have any information on this?
  5. Thank you. Yes I was leaning toward Vanguard as well because of the reasons you mentioned, but I wanted to have some more oppions.
  6. Hi All, I am trying to set up a 403 b plan for the organization I work for. I would like to have just one provider for this plan and I have been researching which one offers the best overall vendor list and least amount of fees. The providers I have been looking at are Vanguard, TIAA-CREF and T.Rowe Price Does anyone have a suggestion which one I should go for??
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