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  1. I am a novice at money issues and am the type that would rather put it out of my mind rather than deal with it. I've known I should have been putting money into a retirement plan for many years, but didn't. A Met life rep came to my school and gave me the presentation with the computer program etc. I am 41 so I panicked and signed up last weekto take quite a bit out of my paycheck. Now, after looking at this site, I know I should have done much more research. I haven't picked funds or annuities yet, but I did sign up to have money deducted from my pay check. I did sign some paper for Met Life. Is it too late for me????n The person is coming back next week to discuss where to invest my money. After looking at this site and reading some material, it appears Met Life is not one of the firms I should be investing with. Is there a cooling off period where I can cancel or is this like buying a car? Thanks for any information. I didn't see this addressed; am I the only person to do my research after the fact?
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