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  1. I am not in touch with Merv but it looks like I should be. I too just found out about the 457 plan and actually went to the website and it looks pretty good but I was going to run it by this site before I even thought of contributing. I researched rolling my 403b into a 457 but it does not look like it is possible so my money is sitting with 1st Investors rolling in some safe investments that have made me a little money over the past year w/o the fees. I now just contribute to a Roth IRA through Vanguard, which I did a Target Retirement fund that has sucked so far so I need to find something else to invest in with Vanguard if this keeps up. I'm just looking for these companies charges so I can send it out to people in my district and show them what these slime balls are charging them.
  2. I'm on a mission this summer to help out the people of my district, here in Ohio, and make sure they know what these 403b companies are charging them. I know first hand what 1st Investors charges--5.75%! How do I find out the other--just call these guys and ask? Problem there is they probably won't just come out and tell. If anybody actually knows any of these other companies fees let me know because I will take all the information and submit it my district rep and ask him to get on this. Ameriprise Financial (American Express / IDS)------could not find in prospectus AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL 70205 American Financial Center Minneapolis, MN 55474-0702 800-862-7919 Ryan Romer-Jordan (one possible contact) 614-621-2639 AXA EQUITABLE----------------------6% 7965 North High Street, Suite 50 Columbus, OH 43235 614-985-3015 Contact: Anthony J. Insana Anthony.insana@axa-advisors.com FIRST INVESTORS CORPORATION-----------FEE 5.75% 3040 Riverside Drive, Suite 211 Upper Arlington, OH 43221 614-487-0182 800-832-8391 Representative: Mike Saraullo, Div. Mngr., Adam Luke or Thomas Brown www.firstinvetors.com GREAT AMERICAN LIFE & ANNUITY COMPANY c/o Galic Disbursing Company P.O. Box 691094 Cincinnati, OH 45269-1094 800-695-1471 ING LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITY COMPANY 7965 North High Street, Suite 150 Columbus, OH 43235 800-862-4287 Contacts: David Rankin @ 431-5055 Nick DiSalle @ 431-5083 LINCOLN FINANCIAL 299 Deo Drive #303 Newark, OH 43055-3022 Contact: Keri Carpenter, Retirement Consultant 740-366-1859 866-823-9405 kcarpenter@LNC.com www.LFG.com METLIFE 3560 West Market Street, Suite 310 Akron OH 44333 Dean J. Smith, Financial Services Rep. 614-759-9985 METLIFE OF CONN (TRAVELERS/CITICORP) 3560 West Market Street, Suite 310 Akron,OH 44333 Hal Morley, Financial Services Rep. 614-451-2113 hmorley@metlife.com NEA VALUBUILDER / SECURITY BENEFITS 8300 Hempshire Place, Unit 103 Raleigh, NC 27613 866-848-6590 Putnam Trust Company PUTNAM TRUST COMPANY c/o Maxwell Financial Management 7650 Rivers Edge Drive, Suite 240 Columbus, OH 43235-1329 614-431-4345 Contact: Adam Hill ahill@FSCadvisor.com RESERVE FINANCIAL AGENCY CORP. (Great American Life Ins.) 924 Westpoint Parkway, Suite 100 (Life Ins. Co of Southwest {LSW}) Westlake, OH 44145-1500 Horace Man Life Ins. Co. 440-333-9686 (GWN Marketing, Inc.) 800-521-3132 Contact: Diane Nishnic, New Business Exec.
  3. You are correct sshullo.........I wasnt looking at the big picture. I could get it done for about 2,000, but then Im locked into a bigger mortagage. What would happen if I lost my job, then Im locked in and cant get out. Im going to take that extra money and put it on my mortgage. I put it into a calculator and i can pay it off 10 years earlier and save close to 80,000. Ill also keep feeding my Roth and the daughters 529 plans. I feel so much better going into 2012 now that I know so much more about it. Wish I could get my money out of that 403b I was getting f*cked by but that is over with and I actually made some money on it just sitting there!
  4. What is your opinion about a 34 year old refinancing a 4.8% 30 year loan to a 3.3% 15 year loan? Ive only been paying on it for 2 years. I can be 49 with a paid off house, one girl in college and one that will be 16. I would have 6 years left to work, my wife about 8 years left of work. Both girls will have money in 529 plans. I plan on selling in about 20 or so years and downsizing since our house it pretty big. Thoughts?
  5. Emailed her but she did not contact me back. I wasn't sold an annuity so that may be the reason.
  6. Stuck means I can't get my money out of 1st investors w/o a 20% penalty. Im not paying this smuck 5% commission any longer. 1st investors says I can leave the money I have in there and it will cost nothing. Others dispute this claim, but I havent paid anything the past 2 months so it is working as of now. I don't want 100% stocks because I don't know enough about them. Right now I want something hands off that I don't have to mess with much. 2 kids and busy life doesn't leave me any time to be checking how stocks are performing etc.
  7. Why is it so confusing to get a pm? Seriously.
  8. Hope she finds in your story what she needs.

    Here is the reporter:

    Leslie Scism's email: Leslie.Scism@wsj.com

  9. 25,000 stuck with 1st investors in my 403b, going to let it ride out the stock market. Now that I've learned my lesson, I need to know what to invest in with my Roth IRA. They have the age based selection which I thought about starting with since it only takes 1,000 to start, and since my 25,000 is locked down, I have to start somewhere. Im 33 years old, how would you diversify your portfolio at my age. I want to be moderate in my selection, no 100% stocks please. My wife contributes to a 403b that is matched by her hospital. She is doing well. Any suggestions?
  10. ALright, I know that I can not FUND a 403b from a school district vendor from one that the school doesn't work with, but can I move it to say, Vanguard and just not fund it???? Then, I was thinking I could roll it over to a Traditional IRA or Roth403? Possible? Thinking outside the box here!
  11. My wife works for a place where she has a 403b and her employer matches her contributions up to a certain point. For mathematical purposes, let's say she makes 100,000 per year. Should she be contributing 16.5% of her income to this 403b or does the match count on that 16,500 limit?
  12. 1st investors tells me there is no surrender fees because that is wrapped in the 5% I am paying, but they also told me that I could keep my money invested with them with no expense charges. Everybody is telling me that is untrue so I don't know what to do. Was thinking I'd withdraw 1/2 this year and 1/2 next year to lower the blow as far as income. I've asked 2 different people there if it costs money to just keep the money in there and they so I will incur no more charges.....guess I may just leave it in and see if I do actually get charged....I'm starting a Roth now that I've stopped funding my 403 so I'll be ok. Wifes 403 is getting matched so she is going to have plenty of cash I'm thinking.
  13. I believe you guys/gals. I was just reading how Shullo had to pay the surrender charges and lost 6K. I'm at a loss. I'm still trying to figure out what to do and at this point at 32, I have 24,000 sitting in there and I just want to take my 10% penalty and move on. I'll take that money, open a Roth IRA and put some money into the stock market with my uncle that knows a thing or 2 about it. I'm reading a book now about the stock market and feel I would like to dip my toe into the water. It can't be any worse than what is happening now. I would LOVE to be an advocate for your site and knowledge here in Ohio. I could start in my district. If you would give me the basic information that I EVERYBODY would know, I will do everything in my power to be your voice in Ohio. Thanks.
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