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  1. Joel L Frank, I just want to thank you for your reply earlier that my wife cannot lose her 20 months of service. Just not earn 2% anymore on her money. I still cannot get a reply on this from NJ Pension. How should we roll it over to the ACTS managed by TIAA-CREF? By initiating it through the NJ Pension E-system, or though TIAA-CREF? I have a contact at TIAA-CREF that I am working with who visits her workplace.
  2. Thanks Joel for those responses and knowing that there is no way for her to lose the 20 months of service she had. I realize she loses the Defined Benefit plan because her new employer does not offer it, but that is not a big deal, since she'll be vested in the Defined Contribution benefit within two years.
  3. I appreciated the advice I got a few weeks ago on recommendations for my wife's 403b at the college she works at. I learned that her money is in the ACTS program. After she is there one year (Sep 2012), she is eligible to join the ABP program. Here's the problem. She used to work for a school. She was in the TPAF program and earned 20 months of credit. She left that job in Mar 2010 for a private company. It expires in Mar 2012. We know she can roll it over to ABP, but she's not eligible for ABP until Sep 2012, which is after March 2012. If it expires in Mar 2012, she'll lose her 20 months of service credit. Can she rollover to her ACTS account? If not, is there anyway for her not to lose her service credit, since she is already employed, just hasn't done the year of service to allow her to enter ABP and become eligible to transfer.
  4. I believe it is the Alternate Benefit Program or the ACTS program. I think we're doing ABP so we can get the full matching. We'll save the rest in our Fidelity Roth and brokerage accounts.
  5. Thank you all for your advice. We are not interested in sueing anyone right now, so no thanks on being a plantiff (we have had fights with health insurance, but I won and that's another story). I saw many of you recommended TIAA-CREF. How could you tell it was not an annuity? By the low expense ratio? We don't have any Prospectus, just that handout. I would like her to get into this because after one year, there is some matching. Right now, we max out our Roth IRAs with Fidelity and my 401k with Vanguard.
  6. I am pretty savvy with investments as I have been investing in 401ks and Roths (mostly Fidelity) since graduating college (10+ years), read many books on money, and listen to Money Girl's podcast. I've now encountered a puzzling choice for my wife's new job at a public college in the state of New Jersey: her 403b options. There are I think five companies listed (insurance companies), and then within each company is an expense ratio, and then funds within them, some of which include Fidelity funds. Is this an annuity or mututal funds. I'm 36, she's 31, so we want to invest mostly in stock / mututal funds; we're not looking for lower yielding gauranteed income given our ages. Can someone suggest what we should choose, or even, an approach for evaluating these different options. I found a link to the different options from the website of a different college (same choices though): http://www.nj.gov/treasury/pensions/epbam/exhibits/pdf/ea0102bw.pdf
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